Helen Solterer, Elvira Vilches, Roberto Dainotto, and Deborah Reisinger lead 12 Romance Studies seminars linked to inTransit, 3 per semester from fall 2016 to fall 2018, that investigate the arts and politics of migration in Romance regions  of Continental Europe and North Africa, examining major concepts, critical questions, and case studies.

Courses and Seminars

In the spring, students in the seminar RS-AAHVS “Imagining Europe: Arts of Migration (Solterer/Wardle) pursue projects in the Nasher’s Academic Focus Gallery, using it as a critical space for designing a future exhibition.

In the fall, students in the seminar FR “Global Displacement: Francophone Voices” (Reisinger) work with refugees from French-speaking Africa in Durham.

Also, offered in the Fall 2018: Has the Future Already Happened?  Cervantes and the Ethics of Migration SPA 411 (VILCHES)

Bernhard von Breydenbach,

Peregrinatio in Terram Sanctum, c. 1440-1497

Pedro Lasch, Flags, 2015

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